Cobra Commander's Best Plans

All I can say is Cobra Commander despite him decaying in the later seasons really had some really deadly plans which are present in this episode:

The Mass Device

The Pyramid of Darkness- Taking control over the world's electricity.

Countdown for Zartan

Red Rocket's Glare

Cobra Stops the World- Fuel deprivation.

The Funhouse

Money to Burn- taking over the U.S. economy.

Battle for the Train of Gold- Another attempt to take over the U.S. economy.

Lasers in the Night- Using a dupe is plain evil.

Cobra Quake- The plan to destroy Tokyo with a manmade quake.

Worlds Without End I and II- The use of a matter transformer.

Cobra Claws are Coming to Town- Nothing like a holiday sabotage.

Cold Slither- Mass hypnosis with subliminal messages.

Sadly after he took over Cobra once more from his usurper Serpentor, his schemes were no longer as dark.


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