Mortal Kombat and Karmic Circles

Mortal Kombat seems to have the notion of the consequences of karma to like the following examples...

One of the greatest karmic cycles are the wars between the Lin Kuei and the Shirai Ryu, a never ceasing ending cycle of hatred.  So Bi Han kills Hanzo Hasashi who is later reborn in the Netherrealm as Scorpion  and later, Bi Han is killed by Scorpion who is later reborn from being the first Sub-Zero into becoming Noob Saibot which is a revenge cycle.  However the cycle seemed not to continue between the two undead for some reason.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao in Shaolin Monks later realized they were acquiring negative karma when they were killing one person after the other, despite their vow of not killing their opponents.  Because of that, they were allowed to enter into the Netherrealm in itself to fight Scorpion.

Shao Kahn's lust for power in the reboot of Mortal Kombat caused him to be judged by the Elder Gods when he sought to take over Earthrealm without winning the necessary tournament.  In his Armageddon ending, after getting all the realms we went into madness as he had nothing left to conquer.


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