Secret of the Hunchback: Perhaps The Most Awkward Adaptation

Secret of the Hunchback was perhaps the most awkward adaptation of the novel.  So the movie begins where a baby is set at the Cathedral's door, Claude Frollo a young priest finds the baby but hey he's not the antagonist here!  Claude the kindly priest and his right hand man raise the baby out of pity and years later, Quasimodo grows up in Claude's care like the novel Claude but this one doesn't lust after Esmeralda.  Who does?  Well Claude's wayward brother Jehan is now the High Sheriff of Paris (who is a bearded version of Gaston!) and has his own version of Lefou.  Claude prays for Jehan's conversion.

In the way, Quasimodo joins the festival of fools but not much drama- he meets Esmeralda (who looks like Belle) who falls for the poet Pierre Gringoire.  So pretty much, Jehan wants Esmeralda like Gaston wants Belle- while he's a town hero like Gaston, nobody knows he plans to get the gold that his brother Claude stored for the poor for himself.  I would really say that the forced marriage scene of Jehan to Esmeralda was pretty much where Belle and Gaston could have gotten, Claude was forcibly locked up but he was rescued from imprisonment.  I thought of it that the ending was weird that is Quasimodo COULD FLY?!  So Jehan does a death crushed by a gargoyle (I wanted him to die by falling).  Pretty much, too silly really though poor Claude he had to see his own brother die.


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