Hera in Hercules the Legendary Journeys

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is infamous for its altering too much of Greek mythology and maybe I should address that Hera is portrayed to be in a very negative light.  I'd like to talk about how she appeared in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Well I thought the fact that she never appeared in her human form for several seasons was damn annoying but what was really more annoying was that Hera was already made a complete monster rather than a tragic villain.  How so?  Made me think of this- in the myths most of Hera's plans were centered around Hercules (plus the show doesn't even address the issue that Hera hated Hercules even more because his name means "Hera's Glory").  For example, many of Zeus' misdeeds were attributed to her like it was Zeus who wants to get fire away from mankind, it was Zeus who separated Echidna from her husband so no more monsters will be conceived and it's Ares who's usually responsible for more of mankind's sufferings.  She was more focused on Hercules than any other plus her anger on him was quenched after the end of the twelve labors which has been loosely adapted in this series.

Made me think WHY take a long time for Hercules' wicked big mother to appear in her human form?!  So she is acted by the awesome Meg Foster who played as Evil Lyn in the He-Man live movie.  Made me think that she was also very vindictive to actually send Alcmene to Tartarus just to get even on Zeus.  In the myths, Hercules won her respect after the twelve labors and later called a truce.  I mean, Hera's actions in the show were already beyond what her mythological counterpart would do.  I mean Hercules was with the Argonauts and Jason was a patron of her- she didn't harass Hercules during that journey!  But not in the TV series, she was always getting too vindictive beyond what the myths allowed.  Plus, poor Hera is stuck with being accused of what her questionable husband Zeus does as well. =(


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