That Silly Justice Friends Segment of Dexter's Laboratory

Yup here's the Justice Friends where you'll see some parody of the Avengers and the Justice League while combining various characters together.  Here's what you might find:

Major Glory is obviously a parody of Superman and Captain America
Val Hallen is a pun on Valhalla, the rock star Van Hallen and Thor
Crunk is a parody on Hulk
White Tiger is a parody of Black Panther
Phan Tone is a parody of Vision
Miss Pell is a parody of Scarlet Witch
Sam-U-Rai is a parody of Silver Samurai (strangely Silver Samurai is a villain)
Ratman is a Parody of Batman
Commander is a parody of Nick Fury (but stuck on TV)
Snowman is a parody of Iceman
Global Security is a parody of SHIELD

Yeah pretty much a combination of Marvel/DC here.

The Injustice Squad is obviously a parody of the Masters of Evil with the following namely and it seems they are born only from the Marvel characters:

Comrade Red is a parody of Baron Zemo, one of the many leaders of the Masters of Evil
Death Hellen is a parody of Loki
She-Thing is a parody of Crunk
Dr. Diablos is a combination of Dr. Doom and Diablo both Fantastic Four villains
Mental Mouse is a parody of MODOK


Barbequor and Silver Spooner are based on Galactus and Silver Surfer (Spooner never turned good though)
Rasslor is a parody of the wrestler Champion
Huntor is a parody of Kraven

Possibly no inspiration from Marvel or DC:

Orgon Grindor

This parody is probably done with permission from Marvel and DC or they would have been sued.  For one, I thought that it was enjoyable but it has its corny moments considering this is a parody.


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