Vision and Scarlet Witch's Relationship

The oddest male/female pairing in Marvel has to be that of the Vision and Scarlet Witch for this reason- it's a human and a robot.  So actually Wanda was probably falling in love with the Vision because he had the mindset of Wonder Man who was in love with the Scarlet Witch and vice-versa.  This of course was objected by Pietro because it was "unnatural" which of course it is.  I even find this entire relationship odd.

It came to a point they eventually even got married.  So the problem was they can't have children which resulted to the Scarlet Witch using the Hex energies of the Salem Seven to try and get herself pregnant. Then she was confirmed to be pregnant.  Of course Toad tried to retrieve her but eventually found her disgusting after seeing her unusual belly because she was pregnant with twins.

So all's well that ends well right?  Wrong.  Later, we do realize that Scarlet Witch gave birth but the children were magical constructs who at some time ceased to exist whenever Wanda wasn't thinking about them.  Worse, they were fragments of Mephisto's soul.  Later, they ceased to exist which also led to a bad relationship to her and the Vision.  Things got from bad to worse while the Vision actually still loved the Scarlet Witch.  They were named Thomas and William or in later sources Tommy and Billy.

Worse came to worst when Master Pandemonium stole her twins and used them as demons.  To stop him, the memory of the twins had to go away.  They had to cease to exist or did they?

During the House of M incident, Scarlet Witch managed to reconstruct her sons Thomas and William.  Int hat timeline, Magneto was the ruler of the world and mutants ruled over humans.  After this incident was over, Decimation came causing 98% of mutantkind to lose their powers after that.  So we later learn...

Later what became surprising was that the two pieces that were thought to be lost forever were later reborn as Wiccan and Speed.  So pretty much, they were growing up in different families yet the Scarlet Witch recognized them to be her children.  Only this time, they are real flesh and blood.


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