The Role of Yasimina in the Conan Film

For the Conan film, there was the role of the princess.  Instead of a damsel in distress, she is a misguided youth who might most likely be underaged or 18 years old, her age is never specified.  There Thulsa Doom intended to make her his, hinting a marriage was coming between them.  The film didn't explain much of the political issues which was removed when King Osric's death was removed.  All that can be seen is that she was being seduced away into the cult, where she had become Thulsa Doom's lover though the plot of marriage to the cult leader is never explained.  All that is known is that she is to be retrieved back from Thulsa Doom's Mountain of Power where she had been cohabiting with him as his lover.

During the time of her rescue, the princess was taken into captivity and chained to the rock before Conan plans to return her home to her father.  This resulted to the battle of Subotai and Conan against Thulsa Doom leading Rexor and Thorgrim into battle with a couple of cultists who were now guards.  It's not even explained why after the battle is lost that Thulsa Doom decided to kill her.  When that happened, she opened back to her senses leading Conan into the balcony where Thulsa Doom was giving his message, the order of immolation to his fellow cultists.  Conan later takes her home after killing Thulsa Doom and burning down the cult's headquarters.

In another drafted ending that filmed, Yasmina whose father was dead offered Conan her hand in marriage but he refused.


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