Comparing the First and Second Half of Combattler V

Combattler V was known for having two arcs namely these...

The Garuda arc.  So I guess the artists at Toei didn't hesitate to reuse the model for Prince Heinel.  So the Garuda arc focused on Garuda's relationship with his "mother" Oreana who transferred her brain into a gigantic statue and programmed Garuda with false memories.  In this arc, Garuda was assisted by robotic androids who were living wall decorations.  I thought that for Garuda, he was a pretty menacing villain while having a high level of overconfidence that this plan could defeat Combattler V yet tragic in a way because he never knew hew as a robot which he could have reciprocated Mia's feelings for him.  He would be the basis for other characters like Prince Heinel, Prince Richter and Prince Sincline.

The second half of the show featured the ruler of Kyanbell, Empress Janera.  I really would say she is really one powerful witch who really gets pretty scary.  I thought that she has gone more cruel than Garuda to the point she even later killed Dangel and forcibly turned Warchimedes into an android so she would not fail him.  For one, she is almost sin and depravity personified with how she is planning to conquer the Earth for herself even if it means sacrificing her own followers.  Compared to Honerva in Golion, she really could be a much more evil sorceress around with a meaner temper.  Just my thought, if she and Honerva teamed up in any Super Robot Wars games, maybe she might even dare mock Daibazaal's childish tantrums.  Her death of being collapsed over by the forcibly turned robot Warchimedes was pretty karmic to her if you ask me.  In the end, her rule was revealed to be illegitimate.  Sounds familiar anyone?


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