Jason Momoa Should Be in the Legend of Conan!

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger will resume his role as Conan as a much older Conan, I thought that Jason Momoa can play two characters for the film.  One as Conan's oldest son Conn and the other as the younger Conan.  I mean he did make a very good Conan, one that really see he really knew how to carry his character.  The problem was the script, not Jason Momoa.  Good cast, bad script.  So made me think even Arnold Schwarzenegger should have appeared as Corin in the 2011 version instead of Ron Perlman (who voiced Conan in the Conan the Dark Axe computer game).

Just my thought.  I would really wish that seeing a scene where Arnold (as Conan) and Jason (as Conn) talking about his responsibilities as future king would be nice.  Too bad this is just a mere wish!  I mean, really seeing the two Conans in one film will be cool!

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