Stuff I Wish Were Existent in Mortal Kombat 2011 Gameplay Wise

No doubt Mortal Kombat 2011 is a great game, it's a must buy even if you're not a fan of the whole franchise. But here were some stuff I wish existed in the game:

1.) Kombat zones

I wished for the return of the Pit II from MK2 with the classic spikeless pit finish, the Warrior Shrine instead of Shang Tsung's Garden, I also wanted to have the classic Portal stage from MK2/MK Trilogy, the Pit III (complete with fatality) and the Kombat Tomb (complete with fatality). Also I thought for the stages designs, I wanted the Living Forest to look more like the MK2 version in 3D.

2.) Stage fatalities

I wish the Hell fatality were the classic uppercut int the lava rather than the lame "dip the head in lava" fatality. I also wanted to have an Armory Stage fatality due to me playing Shaolin Monks. In the case of the Living Forest, I wish that the trees ate the opponent whole instead.

3.) On the bosses

While I can understand why the bosses aren't playable (it can get annoying in VS Matches and for balance purposes plus in the 150th level of the challenge tower, Goro can't jump normally WTF) though I wanted this to go as is. If only you fought Arcade Shang Tsung (yeah he is very annoying to fight considering he can morph into other characters) in various stages or better yet the Pit I (Night Time) and Kintaro in Kahn's arena instead of Goro's Lair. Also I wish Goro and Kintaro had their classic stance from MK Trilogy back too rather than their bent fighting position which makes them look shorter.

4.) Character moves

I understand Jax's ground slam spam was reduced but what in the world were they thinking in powering down Noob's disabler and Rain's water ball? I also thought I wanted to see Johnny Cage's rising elbow as a usable move on its own as well as Sonya's rising kick. For Sindel I wish her scream was back like MK Deception rather than the one with the delays, it was almost useless in this game.

5.) Alternate costumes

Now only IF they did add the customization type in Tekken? Also, I wish that Klassic Pack included the other classic costumes like Liu Kang's Bruce Lee outfit before he ended up as a Bruce Lee/Ryu hybrid, Raiden's all white costume and other classic costumes from the 2D days.

6.) Endings

Only if the endings were like those in MK4 instead of an upgrade of Killer Instinct's endings! I mean, why didn't they do the MK4/Gold style of ending?

7.) Finishing moves

Only if Brutalities and Friendships made a return instead of Babality. Brutality would make a good "Ultra Combo" which like Killer Instinct's Ultra Combo, should be done within a combo of the second round then prepare to watch an annihilated opponent. Friendships could've been used as the humiliation factor.


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