The Wizard of Oz DIC Series

Another part of my childhood nostalgia is the Wizard of Oz DIC series which sadly didn't last long or was it so terrible for most?  So I was thinking it only lasted 13 episodes and as a child, I used to watch this over and over even if it went back to the beginning.  Sigh.  The plot involves where the Wicked Witch of the West was revived by the Winged Monkeys and has wrecked havoc unto the Land of Oz, and she is still determined to get the Ruby Slippers.  For me, the whole series was just appealing to kids but may not appeal to adults anymore.

I would probably think I watched the version where the late Judy Garland sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and it was a real, real classic but this animation as I rewatched it as an adult, is just garbage and Do-it-Cheap compared to the classic.  I guess that's why it failed and we never see the wicked witch defeated by the crew as intended.  It was really, very bad and you could think of it as another old shame.  But not because it was DiC considering the company also produced the Super Mario cartoons, two seasons of G.I.Joe post-movie (which weren't as good as Hasbro though) and you might consider Captain Planet.


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