What Could Have Happened Between Kazuya and Jun in Tekken 2?

Tekken presents a rather ambiguous background between Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama which gives birth to their only son, Jin Kazama who looks a lot like Kazuya Mishima. So what we know based on canon is that they met in Tekken 2 and in Tekken 3 which happens 15 years later after the second game. Jin steps in revealing himself as Kazuya's son therefore Heihachi Mishima's grandson.

The only possible thing I can imagine is rape rather than consent because I doubt it Jun will ever fall for Kazuya in a million years. Namco hasn't really released an official word on that but with its T rating, a rape plot can always be added without making it obvious or detailed. I wouldn't think that Jun Kazama a WWWC officer would even consent to Kazuya so I thought, maybe in the middle of the second tournament or whatever, Kazuya may have banged her against her will (and I don't think her ending is canon either). She could love Jin, I mean some women who became single mothers because of rape or a cheating boyfriend can love the child that was born from it. In the process, the Kazama blood weakened Kazuya therefore making him vulnerable to his insane father Heihachi.


  1. Interesting theory :D but why couldn't jun fall in love with kazuya :D


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