Why I Still Choose Tekken Series Over Virtua Fighter Series

Back then I only played Virtua Fighter at the arcade and at some friend's house while I played Tekken 1-3 on the Playstation 1 back then.  So my impressions were simple on both games- Virtua Fighter can be fun but Tekken for me had a more interesting gameplay and storyline.  Both games feature mostly realistic moveset while having a sci-fi story.  

But I'll just probably think of what I really thought why I think Tekken beats Virtua Fighter.  Tekken aside from its great fighting game also has for me, has more reasons why you should finish the game.  Okay Tekken 1 was pretty bare back then, well you can't blame it, it was more or less a gamble.  But you get to really unlock cool character endings which Virtua Fighter doesn't have which annoys me.  I thought that Virtua Fighter had harder controls compared to even the first Tekken game.   Tekken usually gets itself more bursting with cool content than Virtua Fighter for me. Virtua Fighter is pretty bare including its storyline while Tekken really, really has a great storyline!  Tekken 2 up to the very present 

In terms of bosses, Virtua Fighter for me sucks in that area.  For Tekken, it has some variety with first Heihachi, Devil, True Ogre, Jinpachi, Azazel and Unknown as the series went by.  I thought Dural was getting overly repetitive for Virtua Fighter.  For one, I think Tekken with its hidden characters and storyline, still beats Virtua Fighter for me.  

In terms of accessibility well both are accessible and masher friendly.  But with Tekken there is a deeper gameplay with doing a left/right punch or kick in fighting compared to Virtua Fighter's rather basic system (punch, kick and guard button).  I thought Tekken has a deeper gameplay than Virtua Fighter which you may want to challenge yourself to learn ALL those moves.  On the other hand, later installments of Virtua Fighter DO have the combo crazy moves as well especially when Sega stopped having game systems and Virtua Fighter 4 was soon made available in the PS2! =P  I'll probably be honest I prefer blocking by holding back than using the block button.

I don't care really about what you choose, I'm still more of a Tekken fan!


  1. Soul Calibur even had a block button, but, well, that IMO was a pain in the ass... :P


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