Onaga's Possible Development in MK Deception

While Shao Kahn may be based on Genghis Kahn (a historical figure) or just any Chinese mythology warlords (ex. The Ox King), Onaga seems to mix elements from the Dragon King in the Legend of Nehza (who was later revived in Journey to the West) and he does have other video game influences.  The most obvious is that he looks like what could be a halfway transformation between Ogre to True Ogre, considering he is more humanoid in face yet he has those batlike wings, tail, fire breathing... think of True Ogre!  Or in Journey to the West, he would be based on Wansheng Dragon King.

Now I thought he also has some similarities to Gargos.  So Killer Instinct fell into deep silence and later made a bad comeback (curses), so how is he similar to Gargos?  Like Gargos in Killer Instinct, he manipulated a protagonist to do his bidding.  Gargos manipulated Jago as "Tiger Spirit", Onaga manipulated Shujinko as "Damashi" to help for his return.  Jago's actions in the first tournament released Gargos, Shujinko's quest for the Kamidogus brought back Onaga.  And like Gargos, they are incredible S.O.B. characters.  I was thinking that only if Sun Wukong not Shujinko were the protagonist in MK Deception.


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