The Ultraman Franchise: A Lost Passion for Me?

I'm not really a huge fan of Ultraman nor am I that updating on it.  But I was thinking about as a child I watched the Ultraman series but never got to see it thoroughly due to penalties I had from my parents due to my poor grades.  I did remember having an Ultraman toy, a Kamen Rider toy and a few... I just didn't bother to collect them all!  To my mom, she watched the first Ultraman and its main actor is already in his 80s!  I didn't pretty much understand until I realized that the Ultramen are basically aliens from another planet much bigger than ours (because its citizens are gigantic) who take human beings as hosts, to defend Earth from invading giant aliens from various parts of the Universe.  Also I didn't think there was such a plot until I started reading more about the franchise.  I remembered watching Ultraman 80 and Ultraman Leo on an Indoesian channel on Cable TV in the past but not understanding a thing.  The main villain isn't always known and some of the monsters may just be randomly thrown in.

Well I didn't see much of Ultraman in the past.  In fact, the last Ultraman I watched was Ultraman Tiga with its catchy opening theme song which wants to take me higher. Ultraman Tiga focused on the story of the ancient hero Tiga from the Ultra Planet, he merges with his mortal host Daigo while anticipating the day that the evil Gatanozoa would return.  FYI, Gatanozoa was based on ancient South American mythologies of the great darkess, that is what Gatanozoa does during the finale.  It's finale is pretty unique considering that when all hope is lost, a bunch of children's hopes revives Ultraman Tiga to finish off the menace that threatens our world after all.

However I thought Ultraman wasn't really that much of a passion for me.  I'm not really a fan of this series after all but I respect it nonetheless.


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