The Yaiba Anime Series

I remembered watching the Yaiba series when I was a kid and it was usually and mostly focused with Takeshi Onimaru as the main villain until the arrival of Princess Kaguya (Princes Moon in the dub).  For me, the whole series was a fun with some Dragon Ball influence (obviously Yaiba is a Goku clone and Takeshi Onimaru almost resembles Tien).  Now we can start with the whole plot of the series.

We have the arcs that focus mainly on Takeshi Onimaru. Yaiba challenges a high school student named Takeshi Onimaru who for some reason is bald, one day gets the Sword of the Wind God.  Takeshi becomes the Wind God demon but uses the powers for himself.  He goes from nobody to nightmare and seeks the Sword of the Thunder God to double his power which he and Yaiba do engage in an epic battle later in the series.  Takeshi is the antagonist from the Hakki Arc (where Yaiba fights Takeshi's eight top henchmen, two who became his allies namely Gerozaimon and Namako Otoko), the Kojiro Arc, the Fortress Arc (which really was intense considering that Takeshi wasn't holding back) and the Seven Orbs Arc (where Takeshi basically rules Japan and Yaiba finds seven elemental orbs to get the Dragon God Sphere).  In here, it goes from lighter and softer to some degrees of darker and edgier.  I just thought about the Yaiba/Sayaka hints are kinda funny.  Takeshi is one badass villain if you ask me!

The second arc is an adaptational villainy of Kaguya.  Kaguya was supposedly a protagonist but Yaiba makes its version of her evil.  So yeah, she was from the race of moon rabbits, according to this fiction the moon was once a lush forest but because of the Demon King Sword, it was turned into a barren place.  Compared to Takeshi Onimaru, Kaguya is one nasty bitch that doesn't hesitate to kill anyone.  For some reason she has to absorb the youths of girls to stay young and powerful.  I just thought that after all, it's been centuries she has been asleep and I mean, these days you could reach 60 you could be pass your prime even if you age gracefully.  In her case, her aging process is quite exaggerated and it could have been used against her.  She later revealed that she was really a gigantic beast with a lot of dragon like/rabbit like heads above it and a huge head below it.  I thought it was one creepy finale for the series where after Yaiba defeated her with Ryujin's full power (she did merge with the Earth), she was sealed away in the cartoon.

So I was upset to think like Flame of Recca, the rest of the Manga didn't get adapted into the cartoon.  It was a pretty fun cartoon and now I just want to read the Manga!


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