Why Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Kicks Ass!

There's no doubt Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a kickass game.  So I did write why Mortal Kombat 2011 kicks ass but here's why Tekken Tag Tournament 2 kicks ass!

1.) A great upgrade from Tekken Tag Tournament's tag team.  The first game was a great start, but it wasn't all that great yet.  Here, we get to see Tag Team taken to a new definition.  You have Tag Throws, Tag Assaults and Tag Combos which intensify the playing field while taking care you don't lose the round just by losing one character.

2.) Killer graphics.  I would say this is the best polished Tekken graphics to date.  I was thinking that it beats MK 2011's graphics and Tekken 6's graphics too.   Tekken Tag Tournament 2 takes advantage of the PS3's performance by giving it the best graphics it can possibly give.

3.) Multiple roster of characters from most Tekken series.  Like Tekken Tag Tournament, you have your dream matches but here, you have most characters from Tekken 1-6.  In fact, you get a lot of dream matches to happen.

4.) Cool Combot training mode.  Combot is one series of challenges that will get you to learn to get into the deeper part of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  The game itself is meant to be accessible but it also goes deeper as well, which the Combot series of challenges will help you get into it.

5.) Tons and tons of customization.  You can get to dress your characters up with the bursting content you buy with game currency.  For one, you can have a lot of ways to dress the characters up.  Hmmm... now only if Ed Boon did this in the awesome MK9 game!


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