Game Review: Street Fighter Alpha 3

So here's another of those later Street Fighter games which I thought as old school as it is you should try to secure it. SO what's the big deal with Street Fighter Alpha 3?  While Street Fighter Alpha 1-2 featured where different fighters face different final opponents, here all characters except General Bison and Evil Ryu face a powered up General Bison.  So what makes htis a big deal back with the PS1?  Simple- the game had all the characters from the previous Street Fighter Alpha games, the characters from the Street Fighter II games, Cody, R. Mika and Karin as selectables.

Unique to the gameplay is to choose your fighting style which is namely X-Ism (where you only get one super move assigned for this mode at huge damage, only one level), A-Ism or standard Alpha Meter or the V-Ism which replaces Super Moves with Custom Combos.  Personally I usually go for X-Ism to A-Ism while using V-Ism on the harder to use characters like Zangief or Vega.  I thought it was a nice cool feature for this game. Added for the home versions is the World Tour Mode and other unlockables such as Final Battle (face a faster, stronger version of Bison) and the Team Battle Mode.

Now I should talk about the final boss with his own unique fighting style. For one, this "Super Bison" is pretty fast, so strong and when he gets full expect him to do that ridiculously powerful Super Psycho Crusher which can take a HUGE portion of your life.  If you've managed to unlock Evil Ryu, do expect to fight Shin Akuma who is also a pain in the ass.

Overall a pretty classic game!


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