Tekken's Devil Gene and the Mishima Bloodline

Tekken had the interesting Devil Gene plot which ran as a curse in the Mishima family.  However here's one thing that can be confirmed by Tekken's director Katsuhiro Harada is this- both Heihachi and Jinpachi don't have the Devil gene.  Instead, Jinpachi was possessed by a vengeful ghost, which in turn negates Devil Jin's ending in Teken 5.  Now for some funny genetics lesson from the DLC character Dr. Gepetto Bosconovitch:

Although Tekken Tag Tournament games are never part of the regular Tekken canon line, however I can't help but think that Harada uses this ending as a commentary to the Devil Gene.  So what we realize as of recent is that from the Mishimas, only Kazuya and Jin are able to go Devil while that ability has never been in Heihachi or Lars.  And for Jinpachi he was possessed by a vengeful ghost.  

And so apparently those who don't have the Devil gene in the Mishima family go bald... both Jinpachi and Heihaci are bald.  I mean from Tekken 1 where Heihachi was only in his 50s, he is bald.  Not a single game except Tekken Tag Tournament 2 showed Hehiachi not bald.  So if Lars doesn't have the Devil gene, he could go bald anytime!


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