The Sanitized Violence of Conan the Adventurer

Considering Conan the Adventurer is a TV-Y7-FV show, one would consider the toning down of the show like...

Conan as the main character here deviates much from the Conan of the novels, movies and comics.  This Conan here might be an ill-tempered man but he is no thief, womanizer and bloody character.  In fact none of the characters here ever join in habitual stealing and pillaging.  This Conan here is more morally driven than Robert E. Howard would have written him.

Wrath-Amon as the symbolic villain.  Set's high priest Wrath-Amon is the hammy, overreacting High Priest of Set who is more like Serpentor in the cartoon G.I.Joe than the malevolent Thoth-Amon of the comics.  Even the other Thoth-Amon clone, Ram-Amon is still featured in a sanitized way.  The Snake Cult here is presented to be more comic than serious.

Another sanitized violence aside from the obvious removal of steamy stuff is the show's fight scenes.  Conan in here with the use of the Star Metal defeats the serpent men by simply sending them away into "another dimension" a trope commonly used in American cartoons to hide deaths.  So yeah, no blood just sending the serpent men away.  And of course, what do you expect from the U.S.?


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