Cyclops' Messy Love Life: What's Wrong with It?!

If anybody in X-Men got so screwed up aside from Wolverine, it would be Cyclops.  Yeah him so I thought that here's just a few instances of Cyclops' messed up love life...

I was a fan of the Cyclops/Jean Grey pairing but I hate how the writers just love to mess it up.  The worse came to worst during the Dark Phoenix Saga and its conclusion.  One may consider the whole aftermath worse like when he does get into dates to forget about Jean.  He even had a brief relationship with Lee Forrester but can't forget Jean.

If anything was more screwed up was when he met Mr. Sinister's "daughter" Madelyne Pryor who resembled Jean Grey.  So Mr. Sinister raised Madelyne as an experiment for YEARS.  But Madelyne manifested no powers at all so he decided to "put her away" but one day, the Phoenix Force came into her giving her some of Jean's memories.  I just thought that Cyclops was just wrong, very wrong to use her as a substitute for Jean which led to Madelyne's chances of redemption, to just simply becoming as sinister as her "father" Mr. Sinister.  And I thought it's Cyclops' fault that Madelyne went berserk.

So okay Cyclops found out that Jean Grey was still alive BUT he was already married to Madelyne Pryor.  He betrayed her for his first love, which was wrong, dead wrong.  That betrayal left Madelyne very vulnerable to the Demon S'ym who manipulated her into becoming the Goblin Queen.  Her brief affair with her brother-in-law Alex led to the Inferno incident.  I mean, only if Cyclops chose not to abandon her, I don't think Madelyne would be that easy to beat.  I felt pretty bad knowing that Cyclops just used Madelyne Pryor, which would later lead to more conflicts.  Madelyne went insane nearly killing her own son in the process.

So he did marry Jean Grey but she had every right to decline him at first.  I mean, Jean Grey became partly responsible to why the Inferno mess happened in the first place.  She was right to say that he shouldn't have married Madelyne Pryor and used her as a substitute.  I always thought that reexamining the whole love life of Cyclops, I even think it's pretty messed up one way after the other.

I would probably say the worst thing yet for writers was to kill off Jean Grey and how?  It was really dishonorable for Cyclops to REPEAT the same offense.  Again, maybe it's karma who knows?  I mean, Scott abandoned Madelyne for Jean.  Later, Cyclops' experience of being Apocalypse' host vessel corrupted his character, making him cold, stoic and his psychic bond with Jean Grey was good as gone which really, REALLY pissed me off.  Worse, he even landed on an affar with Emma Frost and later, started a relationship with her shortly after Jean Grey his second wife died.  Ugh... and worse, Cyclops' morals are now twisted thanks to the merger.

So honestly, I really felt like I've lost my fandom for Cyclops after these events!


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