Kamen Rider Black RX's Empowering of Non-Superheroes!

Kamen Rider Black RX was a show that empowered non-superheroes.  For Stronger, I really felt bad why his ally Tackle Lady had to die and then, the actress dies in real life =(.  Now for some of Kamen Rider Black RX's empowering non-superheroes!

Joe the Haze was originally one Crisis' test experiments and his past is never known.  All that was known was that Kotaro rescued him and he swore to help fight Crisis Empire.  I just love how he helped Kotaro in any way possible.

Kotaro's girlfriend Reiko.  Okay Reiko didn't know Kotaro was Black RX until episode 29.  Starting from episode 29, Reiko started getting involved with Black RX's battles more than ever.  Before, she helped Kotaro without knowing he is Kamen Rider Black RX.

Kyoko Matoba was a young teenage girl whose parents were murdered by Crisis.  Unlike the others, she can summon water but she didn't have that power yet.  I just love how she got involved and showing that she wasn't a weakling.  She had really sharp archery skills and I just can't help but admire how she came in.  She might be the template for Megumi Aso as a badass chick, though she is still underaged as far as the show is concerned but hey she CAN fight!


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