Replaying the Mortal Kombat Movie Scenes in MK9

If you want to replay some of Mortal Kombat movie moments through MK 2011, here's what I suggest:

1.) Play Sonya against Kano in Shang Tsung's Arena (Daytime).  For a bloodier finish, do Sonya Blade's second fatality.  Hehehehe... I wish Kano said "Give Me a Break" here.

2.) Play Liu Kang vs. Shang Tsung in Pit II (Night) and do a stage fatality on him.  Remember in Two Player Mode, not one player mode.  The one player mode boss version of Shang Tsung only takes place in the Throne Room which makes it impossible to do so.

3.) Fight Goro with Johnny Cage.  Do the Crotch Punch at Goro as often as you can.  Remember that Johnny Cage will lose his glasses and they snap.  He will wear a new pair of glasses after that.

4.) Fight Scorpion with Johnny Cage in the Hell Stage.  Let Johnny Cage do the Stage Fatality on Scorpion.

5.) Fight Reptile in the Wasteland with Liu Kang.  Do Liu Kang's first fatality though.


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