Tekken's Legacy Characters

Tekken also had some legacy characters. A legacy character is when a code name is passed from one person to another. Mortal Kombat had the name Sub-Zero passed between two brothers Kuai Liang and Bi Han. Robin's title was passed from one apprentice of Batman to another, as Dick Grayson ceased to be Robin and became Nightwing. Tekken had some legacy characters too.

King in Tekken. Tekken 1-2 had the first King who was the founder of an orphanage and the friendly rival of the first Armor King. King I was killed by Ogre. King II was some orphan who grew up in King's orphanage and became the second King. King II goes into Tekken 4 with a rivalry with Craig Marduk to avenge his master Armor King I. Tekken 5 somewhat ends his rivalry with Craig Marduk after he found out that revenge was not the answer.

Armor King is another legacy character. Armor King I appeared in Tekken 1-2 as a playable character. Sadly he was not playable in Tekken 3 but appeared in King II's ending. In Tekken 4, before the game started he met his demise in a brawl with Craig Marduk (second degree murder). Armor King I's brother became Armor King II who first appeared in the PSP game Dark Resurrection. Armor King II unlike King II is currently obsessed with revenge against Craig Marduk.

Tekken had two Kumas. Kuma I was Paul Phoenix's rival for two games. In Tekken 3, the first Kuma died so Kuma II (also can be called Kuma Jr.) took over. The second Kuma is the Kuma in Tekken 3-5 as the first Kuma died of old age.

The Jack Robots. Jack-1 and Jack-2 are the same person but was destroyed in Tekken 2. Gun Jack was upgraded into Jack-4, Jack-5 and Jack-6 as upgraded by Jane.


  1. Just a correction: there is no Jack-3; just Gun Jack.


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