The Failure That Was Saban's Mashed Rider

Saban's staff may just be lazy, which is why they really need to see why they failed with their own version of Masked Rider, better known as Mashed Rider.  So while nothing wrong with a lighter and softer show (Heisei Riders do head at that direction, Black RX is lighter and softer than its prequel) but here's my problems with the show:

Just tons of poor editing.  One can always tell the obvious differences between Count Dregon and General Jak looking at the footages properly.  They were even more poorly edited than MMPR's earlier seasons.  Making Dex wear Kotaro's clothes wasn't even working.  Also, using Mashed Rider's finishing move was also stupid... so sissified!

Poor acting.  Jennifer Tung sucks big time compared to Tokusatsu legend Atsuko Takahata (who's also a J-Drama star, hopefully she will do more antagonistic roles).  Jennifer Tung hardly compares to the level of viciousness that Atsuko Takahata could bring as Maribaron (she also played Witch Gilza in Juspion).  All the poor acting was giving me "cancer".

On the other hand Ferbus can't be counted in as a reason for failure, Juspion had his own pet too.  But the show was just terrible for the reasons above.


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