Apocalypse's Biggest Hoax: The Twelve!

In X-Men there was "The Twelve" it was said that twelve mutants will gather to usher a golden age but in later parts of X-Men, it was revealed by Apocalypse he wrote the legends for himself.  What I was thinking was that he gathered them according to his own judgment to who he will believe will lead towards the new era of his power that is.

The Twelve can be symbolized as such:
  • The Living Monolith is the core.  
  • Magneto and Polaris are the father/daughter magnetic poles.  
  • Bishop and Mikhail represented control over time and space.
  • Professor X represented the power of the mind.
  • Sunfire, Iceman and Storm represents the control over nature.
  • Cyclops, Jean Grey and Cable represented the unity of the family.  However Cable's mother is the Jean Grey clone, Madelyne Pryor and not Jean Grey.

Note: Though for my selection, I might actually put Bishop at the center instead of the Living Monolith, I will get Abyss and Scarlet Witch for control over space and time and I will replace Sunfire with Magma.  Magma possesses the powers of both earth and fire, while Sunfire may not be as powerful as Magma is.  I also will replace Professor X with his son Legion.

Apocalypse planned to use the Living Monolith to transfer all the energies into Nate Grey, who had that power.  Which made me think, Nate Grey isn't a natural human either.  In the Askani Timeline, the future version of Apocalypse said that Stryfe has the ability but not the capacity to house his soul.  I just thought that the writers should at least, give an explanation for that!  During this time, Apocalypse sought to ascend into godhood presumably to escape the pact he has with the Celestials, who are actually god-like beings.

However the biggest blunder was this- Apocalypse wasn't aware of Magneto's current condition and that he couldn't balance the power with his daughter Polaris.  Both magnetic poles could not work which resulted to Apocalypse, deciding to go with only eleven.  he abandoned his current body to merge with X-Man.  Cyclops who was now without his optic blasts due to power drain, jumped into the place beween X-Man and Apocalypse, the abomination that is Cyclopalypse.

Cyclops and Apocalypse were merged into one.  However Cyclops' body could not contain the essence of Apocalypse' selected mutants, Apocalypse created the "Ages of Apocalypse" hoping to finally get the powers he needed.  After that arc, it goes to the Search for Cyclops, which sadly soon enough led to a huge jump the shark moment in X-Men!


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