Cable's Gameplay in Marvel vs. Capcom 2

While Cable is definitely one over-the-top and cheap character, the staff behind Marvel vs. Capcom 2 had focused more on Cable as a weapons expert than a psychic.  In the comics, Cable used a huge amount of his telepathic and telekinetic abilities to repress the T-O Virus.  However he has the Psimitar here which while he used it a lot later in the comics, here it's very under-utilized.

Most of Cable's moves are based on his tactics as a soldier.  For example, Cable's projectile move is the use of his Viper Gun and his incredibly infamously overrated super, the Hyper Viper Beam is a huge big gun.  His other moves involve his Electric Grenade which is HARD TO USE and another, is his dashing attack.

Cable only had two moves that used his telekinetic abilities.  One is the use of the Psimitar which was later, a weapon he frequently used in the X-Men Comics.  Another was where he grabbed the enemy and inflicted them with telekinetic pain.  What I really thought was that the Psimitar was very underused.

In Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the only time Cable uses his Psimitar is when he does the Psimitar move.  It's an anti-air move, powerful but underused.  They could have given Cable a Hyper Combo based on the Psimitar like this.  Cable could use the Psimitar in a Super Combo where he attacks the opponent with it, he mauls the opponent with it as a contact-type Super instead of the Time Flip attack.  Or he could also use the Psimitar as a stun move instead of the super duper hard to land Elec-Grenade.  So far, what a waste of potential to Cable's Omega Level telepathic abilities.


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