Cable's Time Travels and Displacements in X-Men

Cable was the time lost son of Cyclops and the Jean Grey clone Madelyne Pryor.  Later, he came back much older than his parents from the 30th century where he resided, he could not immediately time travel as a result of future version of Apocalypse tampering the timeline.  He was brought there because he was infected by the T-O Virus, which Apocalypse probably wanted to test his worth.  He had many times traveled all the way, which he ended up either changing history for the worse for for the better.  His is a very convoluted history due to too much time travel.

So he goes to the 30th Century but then later on, he ends up traveling even back to the distant past when Apocalypse was in his earlier stages.  Most of his actions only changed the way that things happened or was it?  In his case, the T-O Virus was introduced into Apocalypse' system by some of Cable's blood.  In later fights, Cable's own actions led Apocalypse to the Celestials' Technoogy.  So while it may not have been his fault (at first), but Cable only ended up creating himself as the cause.  He became a dog chasing his own shadow.

The time displacement had some consequences.  At one point, he intervened with Rogue being chased by an angry mob in the past.  In another, he existed alongside his infant self but failed to save himself.  The later time travels only made Cable a child now older than his parents.  Also at one point, he as an adult attended the wedding of Cyclops and his "aunt" Jean Grey.  Another somewhat confusing thing is when Rachel takes away the consciousness of Cyclops and Jean Grey into the future, to raise a younger Cable to become the hero of their era.

Very confusing indeed!


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