Only if Marvel Comics Will Go to... Netherrealm Studios!

Marvel Comics had started out as a gory, bloody franchise which could have fit against Mortal Kombat.  One may consider Marvel's most brutal moments but heck, why did Disney buy it?  It ended up making Marvel sissified.  And I would really try to think how often Marvel is actually brutal when you read it.

Reading the X-Men Comics as a kid, I remembered why my mom burned them off.  They were a far out cry from the X-Men cartoon!  The X-Men Cartoon was just very sanitized compared to the Marvel Comics. Deaths, beheading, tragedies, etc... these are stuff you DO NOT put in TV-Y7-FV and Marvel Comics is hardly sanitized.  It is brutal and violent to certain extents... and I mean Marvel is a bloody comics.  In fact, the X-Men cartoon for me is more of an old shame now.  For Marvel to be owned by Disney is utterly for me, ruining Marvel's supposedly darker and edgier nature.

For example, Marvel Comics has all the potential characters to go against with Mortal Kombat.  Like take Thor and Raiden for instance... they could be a real dangerous match.  Marvel was a whole lot of characters who were maimed, killed and you know... maybe you can even think Scorpion is inspired by Ghost Rider.  Shao Kahn may even challenge Thanos head on.

If Marvel goes to Netherrealm Studios, except a huge bloody reboot for Marvel, maybe for the better.


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