Bilgenia Being Written Off from KR Black: What Could Have Caused It?

I would reallys say that Kamen Rider Black was one good season but it had its fair share of problems. Then we have the COOLEST villain in the story ever, Saint Sword Bilgenia. Looking at him, he's a real troll who knows how to menace the hero, he gave me nightmares... and he was really ACTIVE in attacking Kamen Rider Black. Now it made me think why was he written off? The answer may only lie with either contracts or the actor. Now it's even possible that Jun Yoshida wanted to leave the set for personal reasons. After all, as of recent from what I hear, he's now a University professor.

Now I'd like to think - Jun Yoshida was born in 1961 and Kamen Rider Black was shown last 1987. He would be 26 years old at that time. If he were 18 years old in College, took him three years so he would be 23 by that time but that's just my assumption. Maybe he entered College late. I don't know really. So what if Jun Yoshida was pursuing a master's degree that time and decided to leave the set to focus on his studies or was working on a thesis or project? To be honest, I thought that his decision to leave may have been the reason why Bilgenia was killed off. After all, they couldn't find a replacement actor either so maybe that's what ultimately led to this awesome villain being killed off. To be honest, too bad Jun Yoshida is no longer in the acting business.

After all being able to pull out both Priestess Poe and Bilgenia makes me think,... he could have played as Berg Katse in the Gatchaman movie!!!!!


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