The Kotaro Minami Era of Kamen Rider: How It May Have Influenced the Heisei Era!

Kamen Rider had the Tetsuo Kurata era or the Kotaro Minami era.  The popularity of Kamen Rider Black created the much less successful Kamen Rider Black RX.  Although Black RX is not so popular but I cannot deny it still had something to contribute.  Both seasons were experimental seasons to see how things can be later carried out.  So I started to figure out what the Kotaro Minami era gave to Heisei Rider:

Black RX may lack popularity but I would say it provided the mold to lighter and softer.  Black was darker and edgier, really serious while Black RX was criticized by Tetsuo Kurata as "excessive humor".  While Kuuga, Agito, Faiz, Ryuki, Hibiki and Blade were serious seasons, you cannot deny how lighthearted Kiva, OOO, Fourze and Wizard are (otherwise the Nicktoonish Riders).

Black RX's arc where he acquired both Robo Rider and Bio Rider forms (that arc was three episodes) felt like another template to how a Kamen Rider in the Heisei era would be written.  Black RX was able to use Robo Rider and Bio Rider forms.  Later in Heisei era, multiple forms were used a lot and it was hard to find a titular rider who didn't have multiple forms.

The first evil Kamen Rider vs. the titular Rider.  Although I find Shadow Moon's personality boring and that Bilgenia was a better menace that he was, but you cannot deny Shadow Moon is an important character.  He is the FIRST evil Rider.  Okay I think Kamen Rider Ouja from Ryuki is better than he is, but no Shadow Moon, no Ouja.  I just thought I wish producers will stop using Shadow Moon and General Jack as butt monkeys even if the crossovers aren't canon.  Later on Shadow Moon type characters (minus the brainwashing) existed in Kaito Kumon (Gaim) and Taiga (Kamen Rider Kiva).  Kamen Rider Ryuki took it so far as the show had more than one evil Rider.

Sword Saint Bilgenia as a personality for other evil riders.  Although he was killed off in episode 31 (I guess Jun Yoshida requested out) but I cannot deny this... Bilgenia was one awesome villain.  I would say that Bilgenia as a game-changing villain may have been Ouja's inspiration in Kamen Rider Ryuki.  I even felt like Ouja was Bilgenia with the King Stone.


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