Is Mr. Sinister Really Weak to Cyclops' Optic Blasts?!

For people who spent time watching the Uncanny X-Men cartoon series in the 90s, it might be a good memory but remember, the cartoons is basically sanitized from the brutal reality of Marvel Comics and there are many changes. For example, Juggernaut is NOT a mutant but a person whose powers are powered by the Cytorrak Crystal, Magneto's helmet guards him from Professor Xavier's telepathy in contrast to the cartoons and another one I might explain is Mr. Sinister.

Remember when Mr. Sinister was hit by a super strong optic blast?  Now that was one super strong one that actually could rip Sinister but not kill him.  Mr. Sinister was able to survive even after he was ripped apart, who knows, he may already have had an X-Gene even before Apocalypse placed him in the Celestials' machine!  I just thought of one thing that Cyclops' optic blasts per se are not always that spectacular even if he's one great game character to play as.

Now looking at this Mega Optic Blast of Cyclops from the X-Men games, one may think he is really that great but the reality is that Cyclops' optic blast's strength may vary.

The Optic Blasts per se are not always harmful and in X-Men Second Series #23, we get one revelation from Mr. Sinister.  He deliberately took an ordinary optic blast from Cyclops to prove that it wasn't really much of a weakness.  Like every other villain hit by it, Mr. Sinister can be knocked off.  Theoretically speaking, Mr. Sinister is like every other person who is hit by the optic blast, it will require a stronger force before he can really be harmed.  In other words, Mr. Sinister is not weak to the optic blasts for optic blast sake but rather, it will require a much stronger blast before it can really hurt him though while he can be hurt, but it hasn't caused permanent harm either.


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