Disney's Hades vs. Marvel's Hades

Since Disney is with Marvel, here's one fantasy match I am up to. Marvel's Hades and Disney's Hades both hate to be compared to the cartoon dog. During the time Marvel's Hades was using his name "Pluto" he hated it being referenced to a cartoon dog. Hades in Disney also hated the name when it was given to him by the Romans. Just note that Hades isn't evil in the original myths but a neutral god compared to these two incarnations.

Marvel's Hades

Marvel's Hades wasn't always evil until the worship of the Olympians died off or was he? So let's think about his allies. He's got EVERY ally you must fear. You have his nephew Ares, you have his grandniece Queen Hippolyte a daughter of Ares, you have Loki the Norse god of mischief to name a few. He has also manipulated a lot of characters in the Marvel Universe. Also, he is known to be cunning and malevolent. Should I mention he has VAST magical powers? He can fire massive energy blasts, bestow powers on anyone (or decrease it), use mystical flames, inflict paralysis and interdimensional teleporation. Plus, he can easily blend in with crowds.

Disney's Hades

Considering Disney's Hercules is a very soft and bad movie, this version of Hades is goofy. Yes he is powerful but he is goofy. He did manipulate Megara into service or two, he has every scheme against his nephew Hercules BUT most of them usually are predictably stupid. He's fast-talking and doesn't really have too much of power. Also, he doesn't really have that much minions to dispose of. He does have some magical powers, mystic flame (and he can use them as fireballs) but he can't inflict paralysis, empower or depower and he can't teleport between dimensions. He's a depowered, wackier version of Marvel's Hades.


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