Janperson as a Fully Mechanical Robocop

It was said Gavan inspired Robocop then Robocop inspired Jiban.  Jiban copied from Robocop the concept of reviving a dead police officer into a cyborg.  Unlike Robocop, Jiban fought monsters of the week called Bioron.  Execution-wise, Janperson was closer to an Asian Robocop.  But why did they make him fully mechanical instead of a human revived as a cyborg?  I guess they wanted to try a different type of Robocop after Jiban was created.

Janperson was formerly MX-A1 a malfunctioning robot.  He was scrapped off but Kaoru Sagasa rebuilt him and taught him human emotion.  I guess they wanted to have their own Robocop that was purely mechanical vs. Jiban as a Robocop-inspired hero.  I guess they wanted to explore more of the Asimov's Law of Robotics or to actually recreate the Metalder/Kikaider concept but in a more Robocop type of show.  It could also be viewed that Janperson was going to be a purely mechanical Robocop to avoid copying too much from Robocop while leaving Robocop inspiration in the whole show.

How does Janperson actually differ from its inspiration Robocop?  Robocop has a human side because he was once Alex Murphy.  Janperson is a robot programmed to think and feel like human.  He has his problems with his former persona as MX-A1 getting active every now and then.  He struggles to what it is to feel human, he even taught the same emotions to Gun Gibson.  He has no human guise whatsoever and he is obvious to everyone as a robot compared to Metalder who used to have a human guise.

During the final battle against Billgoldy, he requested Kaoru to activate his MX-A1 persona in his final battle against Billgoldly.  Although he almost lost his humanity during that time, he proved he had not lost his human emotions.  He ended saving Kaoru and Gun Gibson from Bill Goldy's final blast.  It proved that he still had human feelings in spite of being completely mechanical.

For me, creating Janperson as more Robocop to execution while making a fully mechanical Robocop actually created something different.  In spite of the feeling that it feels like Robocop, yet it can be enjoyed as a show inspired by Robocop but hey it's not Robocop!


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