Thor vs. Thrym: Thrym's Immense Stupidity!

In Norse Mythology, one may consider the stupidity behind Thrym.  I always thought the story behind Thor losing his hammer was comic.  For one, one may consider the fact that Thor is TOO HUGE to be Freya and that the disguise was even very poor.  Here both Loki and Thor disguised themselves as women to infiltrate Jotun, the kingdom of Thrym.

So why did Thrym steal Thor's hammer?  He wanted to get Freya for his wife.  I thought that these giants weren't really intelligent.  When Thor came disguised as Freya (complete with a veil), the stupid giant does not even notice anything suspicious.  Thor did a poor job at it... and Thrym could have suspected something.

My favorite part?  Thrym's stupidity gets the best of him.  After "Freya" requests for Mjolnir, they give it.  Come on, they could have just delivered it to Asgard.  When Thor got the hammer, it became the end of Thrym and his kingdom.  I always thought that it was REALLY FUNNY.


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