Omni Consumer Products' Versions in Janperson

Knowing Janperson takes a lot of inspiration from Robocop, it's no surprise that Omni Cosnumer Products a villain corporation (which was also responsible for Alex Murphy's reconstruction into Robocop) was also copied into Janperson.  Rather than just one similar corporation, you have two corporations in Janperson based on Omni Consumer Products.

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The first would be the Tatewaki Konzern which controls finances, steel, medicine, information and so on in Japan, seeking world domination.  Like Dick Jones and the Old Man, Ryuzaburo Tatewaki is the head of a powerful corporation and sends out goons.  Like Clarence Boddicker, he is utterly crazy with a fondness for sweets.  The Tatewaki Konzern seeks to become a global force and controls much of Japan behind the scenes.  Most likely, Tatewaki is what if Boddicker owned Omni Consumer Products.

Yet Janperson didn't stop with just one version of Omni Consumer Products.  Instead, it has the rise of the Super Science Network.  Reiko Ayanokouji is most likely based on Juliette Faxx, an unscrupulous scientist who in Frank Miller's script was supposedly the main villain for the second movie.  Reiko is you take Juliette, make her head of her own super company and you get Super Science Network.


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