Ryuzaburo Tatewaki as as Clarence Boddicker/Dick Jones Hybrid

Janperson itself was memorable with its villains and one actor I can always love is Shun Sugata.  Knowing Janperson heavily draws inspiration from the Robocop movies, they had created Ryuzaburo Tatewaki from two Robocop villains in the first film.

The character felt like a combination of the psycho lunatic Clarence Boddicker and the main antagonist, Dick Jones from the first Robocop movie.  Like Boddicker, Tatewaki was an insane psychopath with an obsession for sweets.  Like Dick Jones, he was the powerful head of a corporation who secretly ran a gangster.  However, most of Tatewaki felt more like the insane Boddicker than he was Jones.  But still, you can't deny he shares both attributes from two separate characters though most of the time, Tatewaki was more of Boddicker behavior-wise and like Dick Jones, he hired crooks to do his dirty work.

The challenge behind Tatewaki was that, it's not just playing one character.  You have be Dick Jones in front of our board while having Boddicker's crazy moments in the privacy of your office.  The character always had fits of insanity and a real lunatic.  While he could put a dignified front before his fellow board members, he throws tantrums when in the privacy of his office.  The whole idea of having a Jones/Boddicker hybrid was done pretty well by Shun Sugata.


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