Super Street Fighter IV: A Hugely Modernized Version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo!

So I did get a second hand Super Street Fighter IV game for my birthday last month.  Although I am mad with Capcom for its ill treatment of Megaman but I am still a Street Fighter fan.  I decided to pick up the game while I do have Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat (Komplete Edition) and this is my current fighting game for the PS3.  On the other hand, I have Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (PS2), Street Fighter Collection, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology and Capcom vs. SNK 2 from my older series.

So I started to pick up the game and well, it had really impressive graphics for a 2.5D game but not as great as Mortal Kombat (2011) for me.  Still, the cell-shaded graphics made a 2D/3D effect.  I soon noticed in spite of new concepts, the game itself still throws back to one series called Super Street Fighter II Turbo.  In what way?  Here's what I observed after playing the game.  There's a lot of throwback to Super Street Fighter II Turbo:

I.) Some characters play closer to their Super Street Fighter II Turbo counterparts

When I started to play through the classic characters, their default move set is almost closer to to Super Street Fighter II Turbo.  My favorite example is Chun Li herself.  For example, to do her Spinning Bird Kick, you had to charge Down then press Up + Any Kick or her Kikoken is done by charging Back then pressing Forward + Any Punch.  Since all the characters in Super Street Fighter II Turbo are there, notice most of them play like their classic counterparts.

II.) Only one Super Combo per character 

The game is nostalgic in the feeling with only one Super Combo per character.  You filled that whole meter before you can perform the Super Combo.  Even the Super Combos assigned to the Super Street Fighter II Turbo cast are all from that very old game.

III.) Gouken and Akuma as hidden final bosses

Gouken was the result of the hoax called "Sheng Long" which if you are skilled enough, you fight Shen Long but the rumor was just a rumor.  Super Street Fighter IV ended that rumor and brought Gouken as a new character.  Akuma and Gouken can become the final bosses if certain requirements are met.  While Sheng Long remains a legend, Gouken was born from that legend.

IV.) Seth copies moves from certain characters on his moveset

The rumor that a final character with the moveset of every character was made real, well partly since it's impossible to do so (most movesets just follow the same commands).  Seth has Guile's Sonic Boom, Chun Li's lightning kick (but with a twist), General Bison's teleport, he has the Shoryuken, he uses the Spinning Pilediver, his HP is a stretch attack like Dhalsim's and a rising kick similar to Chun Li's.  However his Super Combo is his own original move.

V.) The Mini-Games

In the Street Fighter II series you had the car mini game and the barrel mini game.  They return for the Street Fighter IV series.


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