Yes Liu Kang is Back... And He's Evil Liu Kang!

Well Liu Kang is back and looks like he's pretty pissed on this trailer!  Pretty pissed and pretty evil... a struggle with inner demons (but I wish his fatality here was more brutal or at least, make a bloodier version of his Arcade Drop fatality).  Now one character comes up to mind namely...

Ryu from Street Fighter going into Evil Ryu mode!  I would admit that, I was expecting him to be part of Shinnok's Army and now HE IS PART of Shinnok's Army which makes sense, remember he died in Mortal Kombat's reincarnation.  In contrast to my fan fic Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Universe which Liu Kang and Kung Lao are redeemed by Raiden (but they must save their friends) at the start, looks like we will get to play as "Evil Liu Kang".  For one, Liu Kang is obviously a modified Ryu clone for this reason.  

One may notice that Liu Kang didn't get a red headband until Mortal Kombat II.  For Liu Kang having a red headband and a rival/friend in Kung Lao, doesn't that remind you of RYU?!  Yes, there's Street Fighter, Street Fighter influence everywhere too.  I mean, fighting games tend to get inspiration from each other and if Tekken had Dr. Wily on steroids with Heihachi, Mortal Kombat has a more violent version of Liu Kang with Ryu!  In Mortal Kombat Deception, Zombie Liu Kang is obviously Liu Kang's vengeful self given life in his corpse while Spirit Liu Kang is the good that remains in Liu Kang himself.  I mean when you look at it, Liu Kang IS a Ryu inspired character and I am SO GLAD that they are taking the Evil Ryu concept and modifying it for Mortal Kombat in a more human form.


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