Fighting With Honor as Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat (2011)

Liu Kang is a pretty honorable man so I thought that I had found ways to fight as my favorite character with honor when playing against human players.  Here they are.

1.) NEVER spam a fireball cheaply.  I know it's quite an easy win with high fireballs and low fireballs BUT it's better to use them defensively.

2.) Use the bicycle kick and flying kick defensively.

3.) Use the X-Ray move ONLY as as a counterattack.  X-Rays can be a very cheap way to win though his is blockable.  It's best to reserve the X-Ray attack only as a counterattack or better let as a last resolve.

4.) Be a defensive player.  I know Liu Kang is a combo machine but, be careful not to be too aggressive or win cheaply.

5.) As much as possible, DO NOT THROW.  His throw moves have a huge hit mark and they can be very, very cheap way to win.

With this, I seek to become an honorable Liu Kang player!


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