Nebula Mask Machineman: It's One Really Weird Tokusatsu!

I remembered watching Machineman as a child and man that show is pretty weird. It all starts with an alien who disguises himself as Ken Takase. At first, I enjoyed it until I found it's one show that really got so bad. I mean, I even WTFed to discover a lot about the show's term. I mean, I even find the idea of making a thesis from a distant planet to Earth an EVEN STUPID PLOT. So I did get entertained with its stupid dub back then. I didn't get to see more of it and later, read more plots to discover the show wasn't worth it.

I could remember Professor K (acted by Kushio Kenzi who also played as the Pharaoh-like Ambassador Darkness and had a part in Goranger) and his stupid schemes for world domination. The only episode I could remember with Machineman was where Professor K injected poison into sweet potatoes where the lesson was not to accept things from strangers. What I thought is that either this old is super senile or he's really dumber than your average Tokusatsu villains. I mean, the show doesn't even explain why he hates children so much and his stupid niece Madame M doesn't make the show any better. Well we do expect Toku villains to lack practicality like the Gorgom priests cooking up your typical unbelievable plots like using necklaces that unleash killer bees, this guy focuses too much on hurting children... but his plans are just too silly compared to Bandora's typically unbelievable plots.

So let's get it, episode 19 of Machineman has the hero defeating Monsu and well, Professor K escaping and later returning. His just as stupid niece Madame M (known as Madame Matilda in the Tagalog dub) appears and takes over. Again, it's another stupid plan and the show never gets better. Even the finale is stupid by letting the villains escape... I mean that finale makes Toshiki Inoue's lazily written Faiz finale or ToQGer's lazily written finale LOOK DECENT. At least Orphnoch King and Zett are in a coma, but letting the two stupid villains escape? WTF!


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