Pocket Fighter's One Weird Fighting Game!

Another nostalgic game is is Street Fighter/Darkstalkers/Red Earth crossover featuring a game of super deformed characters.  You have Ibuki's first appearance (she later made her first appearance as an adult in Street Fighter III), Tessa (Red Earth), Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Sakura, Zangief, Morrigan, Hsien Ko and the easily accessible secret characters Akuma and Dan.

You have the buttons namely Punch, Kick and Special.  In this game, combos are very much child's play in contrast to the traditional Street Fighter where you needed to practice more of them.  Along the way, combos will have your characters do crazy stuff like change clothes, release weapons and do a lot of stupid stuff you don't normally see in a Capcom fighting game.  You knock gems out of your opponents to improve certain moves in the process and you have your Super Moves as well.

When you play as a character, you get a Story Mode like in the Street Fighter Alpha series.  Each character has a starting story and a different end boss to battle, depending on who you are playing.  For example, playing as Ryu gets you to fight Tessa as the final opponent and playing as Ken gets you to Morrigan as the final opponent.  Each character unlocks a silly ending which really, really gets so funny.


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