Tekken Blood Vengeance: Better Than That Stupid Tekken Live Film!

Tekken is a great fighting game series but it had a trashy Hollywood production, that you might as well not watch.  But one Tekken movie, a CGI animated one, really took a much better execution than the Tekken movie or the Tekken cartoon movie.  I mean, come on, Tekken is a great game, why give it such a bad movie?  Fortunately the Tekken Blood Vengeance film may not be the best but it really creates a good, solid story together with high quality 3D graphics, a narrowed down storyline and some possible explanations for the Mishima bloodline.

So the story might not be canon but tries to fit in Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.  Again, we see much of the father/son feud with Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin (the Mishima bloodline).  In the middle of the father/son feud they have hired the rival siblings Nina (for Jin's side) and Anna (for Kazuya's side) for their petty feuds.  At the same time, it involves Ling Xiaoyou, a student named Shin Kamiya (who is not part of the Tekken game roster) and Heihachi's dark plot.  Much of the Mishimas are explored one way or another, for me this movie is really miles above that stupid Tekken film.

Shin Kamiya the non-canon character has some kind of immortality (thanks to the M-Cell), one that can prove useful for the plans of the Mishima Zaibatsu.  The whole issue has Heihachi who wants to get that power.  Knowing Heihachi is a recurring villain of the Tekken series, and he plays the biggest role in the movie as its main antagonist, leading to some awesome CGI fight scenes.


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