I Never Expected Janperson To Be Part of Toei!

Back then, I was a Toku noob who would watch Super Sentai, Power Rangers, turned into a Super Sentai purist then I was still watching Kamen Rider, Metal Hero and didn't expect all those shows to be part of Toei AND that Ultraman didn't belong to Toei. Back then, I didn't even treat Janperson as a Tokusatsu. I always thought Janperson was too mature to be treated as a Tokusatsu never mind that as a child, that Super Sentai series were usually more serious than Power Rangers. So I enjoyed Janperson as a more mature show, it was ahead of most Toku I show. No monsters of the week - instead we had a lot of crime scenes, violence and anything that made Janperson a Japanese Robocop.

Back then, I thought Robocop copied from Janperson until later, I discovered that Janperson was a Robocop inspired hero and that the show itself was produced by Toei Ltd. I was even shocked to see that Janperson was suddenly inserted into that stupid show Beetleborgs. Years later, I discovered that Saban paid Toei for the rights to adapt B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto hence explaining why Janperson (as Karato) appeared in Beetleborgs. Wow, I never expected Janperson to be in Toei's list of programs because much of the show was too Robocopish itself.

I was in denial that Janperson was part of Toei's Metal Hero list but it wasn't all too surprising either because Jiban was also part of Toei's Metal Hero list. So Robocop's success in America as film ended up inspiring Toei to create two Robocop heroes - Jiban and Janperson. Later, Carranger would have the Robocop parody called Signalman.


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