How I Wish Corrupted Shinnok Got Carried Out!

If there's anything that's really lacking in Mortal Kombat, it's the Story Mode.  I mean, I was WTFed THRICE with how Shinnok was defeated.  I mean, it's inconceivable that in the past life, Liu Kang defeated him.  In the next life, Johnny Cage then later Cassie Cage defeated him.  Again, I assume Johnny and Cassie were empowered by the Elder Gods behind the scenes with the "greened up" temporary power up which without it, the father and daughter team would have died.  Still, I wish Raiden and not any mortal defeated him in the final battle to settle their old Thor/Loki type of feud once and for all.

I honestly thought that while Corrupted Shinnok looks badass but I wish the game actually used another design aspect namely one badass boss character in Tekken....

Yes that's right, Tekken 6's really ridiculously hard final boss Azazel.  I got the whole idea from the really terrible Mortal Kombat Mythologies game where Shinnok morphs into a gigantic opponent.  I just had a thought what if Ed Boon made Corrupted Shinnok's design based on Azazel instead of Soul Calibur's Inferno?  Just think he had Sonya Blade look like Nina Williams in Mortal Kombat (2011), he had Onaga a final boss who resembles True Ogre, he has Kotal Kahn looking like Ogre (he could be Onaga reincarnated).  My idea for the boss fight is that the character may need to use stage interactions or jump to the other side to avoid his damaging moves.

In my opinion also, if either Johnny or Cassie were really meant to defeat Shinnok... I would actually have Raiden imbue either which character with the Jinsei and have it like, "Use it wisely, it's only momentary."  I think Cassie's victory over Shinnok would be more believable if Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade soon triangulated their power to the very first character born out of two playable characters granting her a temporary boost... or three if the Elder Gods actually powered her up for awhile then she returns that power believing she can't handle it.  Or better, let Raiden actually defeat Shinnok himself so they can settle their ancient feud for good or have the Elder Gods intervene.


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