Super Mario Bros. 2: A Very Atypical Super Mario NES Game!

Super Mario Bros. 2 widely differed from the very first Super Mario Bros. game which I can remember playing this game.  Instead of playing as Mario (Player 1) or Luigi (Player 2), this was a one player game which allowed you to choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach each with different abilities.  Mario was the balanced one, Luigi had a very high jump, Toad can quickly pull out turnips and Princess had the ability to glide into the air.

The story deviates from Super Mario Bros. considering the events happen in Dream World, where the Subcons were imprisoned.  The four must join to liberate the Dream World from the game's main antagonist Wart (a giant frog perhaps named after the misconception that frogs caused warts) who has plagued it.

The gameplay was radically different as each character started out "fully grown" but they can shrink if they only have one heart left.  You can get "secret mushrooms" in some areas per level to get more hearts.  When dealing with enemies some of them can be picked up and thrown against each other by jumping on top of them then pressing the B button (Y for Super Nintendo).  Vegetables were also used as the game's main weapon which you picked up and threw at the enemies.  Plus there was NO TIME OUT so you could wander all you want for most of the stages.

What also made the game different was that you dealt with a sub-boss known as a Birdo and you eventually faced a boss at the end of each "world".  The bosses were defeated by throwing back objects at them.  For example, Mouser can only be defeated if the bombs he throws explode back at him or Tricyde can be defeated if you throw back  platforms at him.  I always thought that the boss battles were ridiculously hard especially when it came to Wart himself where you needed to throw seven vegetables while that guy moved FREAKING FAST.  Overall, still a nice classic game that requires tons of patience.


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