Robocop's Blueprints, Janperson's Blueprints

Here's a bit of the original vs. the inspired, Robocop and Janperson both had their blueprints revealed...

Here's Omni Consumer Products' blueprints of Robocop.... I think this was taken straight from the movie.

Now here's the blueprints of Janperson which... HOW IN THE WORLD DID TATEWAKI KONZERN GET A COPY OF IT? Granted that Tatewaki Konzern is Janperson's own version of Omni Consumer Products, they may have had a copy of Janperson's blueprints all along which soon allowed Tatewaki to transcend into becoming the bio-cyborg known as Billgoldy a la the Robocop 2 Project, except a much more humanoid version. 


  1. Janperson's blueprint is episode 31??

    1. I think that was Janperson's blueprint in episode 11


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