I Pity Sub-Zero Fans Huh?!

Looking at this meme where you have Ed Boon talk about the idea for the next Mortal Kombat game, you have him ask Scorpion, QUan Chi and Sub-Zero for ideas. Sub-Zero says, "Not killing me in every trailer." then WOOSH. Even if Sub-Zero isn't my favorite character and Liu Kang is my top favorite but... come on...

Do I find Mortal Kombat's reboot a great game? Yes I do but I do find annoyed looking at how Boon's favoritism for Scorpion is too acknowledged. Maybe I'm glad that Mortal Kombat X couldn't be done for the PS3 because for one, there are times I tend to find Scorpion's overexposure annoying. Not that I hate Scorpion but I think Boon just shoves the guy down our throats. 

If anything, why do you have to hurt Sub-Zero in the trailers? Now I got excited for Mortal Kombat for the Playstation 3 when it came out, acquired it two years after the release at a discount and I'll admit, that game was really, really good. However I feel sorry for every Sub-Zero fan who has to see Scorpion uppercutting Sub-Zero on the select screen. WTF Boon, WTF?!


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