Remembering The Very First Tekken Game After 21 Years

Tekken itself was a revolutionary game but I didn't immediately take a liking to it considering I was more of a Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter guy. I didn't immediately like it but what I considered was that I really thought that, "This game is gonna eat your brain up." Before I had my first Playstation, I played it at the Arcade. But I wasn't all too ready to get it but I'll admit, I was attracted to the graphics and I thought that it'd be much better than Virtua Fighter.

I still couldn't forget how this scene was really appealing to me compared to Virtua Fighter's opening. This classic scene made Kazuya one of my favorites though I was more of a King guy back then. But the fact that Kazuya has that "Vegeta appeal" (Vegeta is my favorite Dragon Ball Z character) made him my favorite for later games to the point that while I praised Tekken 3 for wrapping up the PS1 saga, I still thought not having Kazuya made me feel bad. 

Part of my memories of this game were simple. It was back in the day when 3D graphics were simple (but I was still so amazed that the game's graphics did not become blocky and polygonal like Virtua Fighter's), it was still a two-dimensional playing field and it wasn't all that fluid. The first game had some balancing issues with its characters. For the final boss, Heihachi himself can be seen as an extremely difficult boss to beat. I always thought that the guy was freaking difficult but he was later toned down. 

The endings of the game were still very simple but beautifully done. After you defeated Heihachi with the eight regular characters, there was a short ending clip. Due to the game being still in its young stage, they were pretty short and pretty simple but it started a trend of having better character endings for the games to come. 

So what's your fond memories of the first Tekken game?


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