Seriously, What's Taking Tekken 7's Console Release SO LONG?!

While it can be understood that Netherrealm had every reason to cancel Mortal Kombat X for last generation and THANKFULLY they are releasing Mortal Kombat XL which is the complete edition for those who weren't able to afford the current generation consoles back then. This is probably Namco on a downhill. I mean, Ed Boon's compensation for those who can't get the game now is that by releasing XL, it's assumed that they may have already bought a PS4 by now. It's at a time like this when I ask myself, "Is getting a PS4 now worth it?"

I remembered how often I have berated Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for being anemic while flaunting how Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was so full of content, bonuses and there's a lot of stuff to offer. In the past, I didn't like Tekken that much due to its unusual control scheme which I grew attached to sooner or later. Tekken as a console game always came out a year after the release of the Arcade Game. But don't you feel that Tekken 7's release is already in a drag? It's already the PS4/XBox One era and while Netherrealm was able to release Mortal Kombat X's release for this generation's systems on time but what about Tekken 7's console release?

Are the staff behind Tekken 7 trying to really maximize the power of the PS4 and XBox One? Will the delay be for the better or for the worse? Let's wait and see!


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